To make your shopping experience easier and safer, COLORIDELSOLE.COM offers you numerous payment methods, the most reliable and used for online shopping.

We have the following payment methods at your disposal: Stripe, PayPal.

  • What is Stripe? 
    Stripe is an external platform for online payments that allows our e-commerce to accept payments by ATM, rechargeable card or credit card.  It is a safe and fast solution: payments are processed almost instantly. 
  • Do I need a Stripe account to make my purchases? 
    No.  All you need is a valid credit card, debit or rechargeable card with Visa or Mastercard logo.
  • Is Stripe safe? 
    Yes, it is safe.  Stripe meets the most stringent security requirements in the industry 


On all purchases you can request billing. When completing the order, on the CART page it is possible to indicate whether the purchase is made personally or on behalf of the company. In this second case, you will be asked for tax information.

Safe payments & Data protection

By purchasing on COLORIDELSOLE.COM, the information (credit card number, expiry date, security code and other personal data) will be managed directly by the Bank in charge of the payment transaction (Stripe, Paypal or other credit institutions affiliated with us) via encrypted protocol, to ensure maximum security. COLORIDELSOLE.COM or other subjects will never have access to it.

For more information contact us on or call the direct number +39 391 372 1487

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