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Colors of the Sun is synonymous with quality craftsmanship. It is a synthesis of tradition, passion and colour: emotions that only products made by hand with dedication and ancient techniques can convey. We are ambassadors of slow production, of the handmade product, made by skilled workers, proud of their tradition and their country. Colori del Sole is a Sicilian daughter and like Sicily is made of sun, land and sea, impregnated with salt and sweat, with the tears of men who have populated, loved and hated it for millennia. It is the “condensate” of millennia of humanity that are synthesized in the contrasted love of the son for his mother from whom he distances himself, but of which he cannot do without. Giovanni Rizzuto Ferruzza


The Production

The beating heart of the company is made by our human resources who work in synergy, as in a big family, with the aim of responding scrupulously to customers’ needs. It is thanks to them that today we are able to offer our product in Colori del Sole stores and to our partners, contributing to enhance and promote the image of our territory.



The inspiration, tradition and quality are the pillars on which the production of Colori del Sole products is based. We craft products inspired by shapes, colours and decorations typical of our historical and cultural heritage because we strongly believe that tradition is beauty to be protected and preserved.



Are you a craftsman, a creative, a dreamer? Do you want to share your desires, your needs, your projects? Do you think like us that travelling together and sharing a project or a goal is more beautiful, easier, more fun? Would you like to share a project of common growth, visibility, life? Are you looking for your space?

Become part of our family and let’s grow together trying to be “active actors” of the cultural and productive rebirth of this beautiful land, Sicily.

We are sure that our affinities will generate significant mutual benefits, with the expansion of the range of products offered in our stores, without altering the individual identity of the individual creative craftsmen and producers, rather exalting the creative peculiarities and differences in interpretation of individual products.

Contact us and discover all the initiatives that Colori del Sole is trying to implement, your help will be fundamental!


In Sicily we say “amuri is amuri, nun è brodu i ciciri”. Love is love, not chickpea broth.

Love is serious, very serious, anything but a dish with little substance like chickpea broth. And it is this love that drives us to create and believe in our beloved and bitter land.


Giovanni Rizzuto Ferruzza